Monday, February 23, 2009

Forced to eat Jello

Hey everybody. I was going to post about something really cool that I did this weekend, but it will have to wait. I don't have the strength or energy to make it as awesome as I want it. Last week Brodie came down with a stomach virus. He ran a fever and was pretty ill. He slept all day on Wednesday. Thursday he was feeling a bit better but still not eating very much. On Saturday he threw up again, just once but it was bad enough. Well, all night Saturday I lay awake in my bed with really bad stomach pain. I couldn't really sleep at all. Sunday morning came and the baby woke up so Jay got up with him and rocked him back to sleep. Well, about 7:30 Brodie came into my bedroom to wake me up, and threw up right in my doorway. And then I started. And, oh my God it was horrible. I couldn't keep anything down so I didn't get to eat, which is miserable b/c I was starving!
Jay took really good care of us. He cooked a really great dinner, which I didn't get to eat. But it smelled and looked really good. I was so proud! Brodie managed to eat a few bites and actually held it down.
This morningI am very weak and tired and my whole body is sore. It is even a struggle to pick Brodie up, and he's not very big. I got some Jello for us to eat for breakfast. I hate Jello. It's really disgusting and I hate hate hate the texture. But this is what I was told to start with and hopefully by lunch I will be able to eat some chicken soup. Oh, and Brodie loves the Jello, so that makes me feel better. I just hope we can keep it down today.


  1. Awe. Feel Better. Girl you might have the Flu!

  2. "oh come one....there's always room for jello." Name that 80's movie!

    I hope you are all feeling better today! Love ya