Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Stuff

Last night I let Brodie try to use a spoon for the first time! He did great. After he tried to scoop the food onto the spoon and couldn't, he started picking the food up and putting it on the spoon and then into his mouth. Cute!
Brandon is a real manly man because he needs two remotes to watch TV! He's watching his shows that we record for him every day; Truth or Scare and Mystery Hunters. They are kid oriented Discovery shows that he really enjoys and they are also educational. But, shhh.. don't tell him that part!


  1. It takes smarts to come up with an alternative solution to using the spoon!

  2. Yes, he is a true WARREN. He will figure out how to get it in the spoon and into his morth. Bright you man!

    Brandon, that is a man thing! Two controls, now that is a manly man thing!!!!

    You two boys are just toooo good looking.... words just can desribe you two! Thing I'm just a little prejudice? NAAAAA

  3. LOL at the remotes. A man in the making!! :)