Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Say Cheese

Brodie has been saying a lot of words lately and in this picture I got him to say cheese! He said "chee." How cute, right? Well, the kid never looks at the camera when you want him to, and hardly ever smiles knowingly at the camera. But in this one he did. So I thought today I would write about some of the cute things that he can say. And something really cute that Brandon said the other day too.

Those times are rare now because he is getting so much older, so I want to remember the cute things he says while he still says them.

Here is a list of the words that Brodie can say in his cute baby babble and imperfect enunciations: He can say ball; bath; book; light; dog; cheese; bite; something that sounds like Brandon; momma; daddy; outside; shoe; socks; shoo; juice; and trash. those are the main words that he can say right now.

The other night we were sitting at the table having dinner and Brandon was telling us about his future plans, what he wants to do when he grows up, etc. He has been on a kick lately where he says that he wants to be a clothing designer. He has even drawn some really cool pictures with some of his designs on them. I know, I know, it sounds strange for a boy his age to want to do this but if you know Brandon, then you know that he loves to draw and he loves art. So we were sitting at the table and this is what the coversation was like:

Brandon: "Mom, you know how my tractor can knock down trees with his bulldozier?"

(for those of you who don't know, tractor is what he calls his paternal grandfather, he has called him that since he first learned to talk and he did it on his own.)

Me: "yeah, why?"

Brandon: "well, maybe he can knock down some trees and build us a store out of the logs and me and you can make our own business."

Me: "what kind of business?"

Brandon: "we can desiogn and make our own clothes and sell them."

Me: "??"

Jay: "huh"

Brandon: " yeah, all I have to do is learn how to niddle!"

HAHA! He said that so seriously and Jay and I laughed so hard! Learn how to niddle.

Instead of Knit! We haven't heard him say anything quite so cute in such a long time.

So there it is, the cute things my kids say.


  1. Love the words...but better yet, I love the pictures...will have to print those for the fridge! Got to put my boys up there with my girls! Keep 'em coming! Love you all Aunt Jill

  2. I really have been meaning to learn how to niddle

  3. Aimee,
    I am LOVING your blog! Love the comments so much. You also made me come to my senses about the messes too. Were you so excited about no school today? I was! See you in a little while!

  4. That is a very cute story. When you learn to "niddle" I would love to see your products...LOL.