Monday, January 12, 2009

It looks good to me

This is a picture of the daily mess in our house. No matter how many times I pick the toys up they will immediately be scattered throughout the house again in a matter of minutes. This usually frustrates me and can sometimes make me anxious. I like order so chaos really freys my nerves. Here lately my house has looked disasterous because of all of the toys that my 15 month old son loves to drag out. So I was looking at the mess and decided that this is what I would write about today. When I took this picture I had a flashback of the first time my oldest son Brandon and I went to meet Jay's mom and step-dad, who live about 3 hours or so west from us. So it was an overnight trip. Needless to say I was very nervous about this first meeting and what they would think of me. Mainly becouse I was afraid that they would think that I had too much baggage for Jay. A divorce and a two year old and only 21 years old. Okay, so this sets the scene and now back to the story, and my point.

Jay's parents were very nice and I felt at home and comfortable around them right away, but I was still nervous about how they would react to Brandon and his messy messyness. Brandon had made a big mess in the floor of her beautiful livingroom with the toys that we brought and whatever else he could get his hands on. I was very nervous about this and I told my now mother in law that I was sorry that he was making such a big mess and assured her that I would clean it up as soon as he was finished playing. I knew that the mess bothered me so I thought surely it bothered her too. But you know what she said? With a big smile on here face she looked at me and said, "it looks good to me!" And I thought that was very sweet of her, and I really haven't thought much about that since... until today.

As I said before I was feeling overwhelmed by the mess when I took this picture and I was going to complain about it a little. But when I had that flashback I realized what my mother in law meant when she said those words. I realized that after a few very short years, I won't have two little boys playing and dragging out all of thier toys and making huge messes. It had been a long time since that had happened in her house. And I realized that today. I will try not to take this for granted. One day, I will miss these messes. So you know what?! It looks good to me!!


  1. "messy messyness" lol! it looks good to me too :) when can Livie and I come over and contribute to the mess?

  2. AMEN!!!!! Love you for it!!!! Aunt Jill