Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Jeep

Yesterday was a warmer day, it got up to 60 degrees, but the sun was not shining. That's too bad because I love the sunshine. I had Matthew yesterday, and since it was a warm day I wanted to take the boys out to play in Brodie's new power wheels Jeep that papa and nanny Vick got Brodie for Christmas. When I say play, I mean that I sat them in there and they didn't know what to do. They looked at me like are you crazy? what the hell are we supposed to do with this! Anyway, well at least I got the pictures.

So it was off to other things. They were too busy for the Jeep this time, but I'm sure with practice they will soon realize that they can drive it themselves and that crazy mommy person will stop leaning over them trying to push the damn gas pedal for them all the while trying to get her feet out of the way before they get ran over.
Jay was home with us so he actually came outside to help me play with the boys. They wanted to eat, I mean play with the rocks in the driveway, as you can see in one of the above pictures. Although, you may have a hard time seeing Brodie what with his camouflage disguising him and all. They also loved playing with the neighbor's dog, Kelsey through the chain link fence. Brodie giggled everytime the dog licked his hand, and Matthew got a big french kiss from her. I know, gross. But it was cute and they had fun with her. Oh and they wanted to see-saw so Jay and I held each of the children on one end and they had fun with that, but I ended up dropping Brodie. Yes once again, Mother of the year, right here!
But I have an excuse, Brodie had a really runny nose and I was trying to wipe it with the inside of my shirt, and then he just fell off. Even though I was holding onto him with the other hand. He's tough though, so he didn't cry.
So, that was pretty much our adventure with the Jeep.
Brandon came home really excited yesterday afternoon. (sorry I don't have pictures, he's waay too busy for that) He recieved 2 awards for his acedemic performance last six weeks. I thought that saounded fancy! Ayways, he recieved one certificate for most improved, and the other was a Stallion Star award, which is the equivelent of honor roll or whatever means all E's and S+'s. I am so proud of him ya'll! I didn't go to awards day to see him get them because a.) I had Matthew and Brodie, and no thanks, I don't want to sit there for an hour with two toddlers, and b.) becasue I didn't know that he would be getting one. They didn't send home the little paper that tells the parents about it like they did last year. But oh well, he was excited and came skipping out to the car with them. Did I mention how proud I am of him?
Well, so that was our day!

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  1. It might be nice just having them sit for a little while because when they do get the hang of it, you will be running everywhere. The pictures of the boys are precious! Tell Brandon that Aunt Jill is so very proud of those awards!!! Love you all, Aunt Jill