Friday, January 16, 2009

A surprise visit from papa

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were pretty interesting days for us here in the house of Warren. On Tuesday, Karen and Matthew came to visit. I babysit Matthew 1-3 days a week to make extra money and to help out his parents. They are good friends of ours. Brodie was acting very fussy that day and did not want me to put him down and he was sleeping for long periods of time pretty much all day. And he started running a fever.

I was supposed to keep Matthew on Wednesday, but I couldn't because Brodie was sick and I didn't want Matthew to catch anything. I was so exhausted from getting almost no sleep the night before because Brodie wanted to be held all night. By the time my alarm clock went off to get Brandon ready for school, I could not make myself get out of bed, and also Brodie was finally asleep. I went back to sleep. Brandon stayed home with me, so he got to play hookey! I know that this seems like a really bad example, but with the bitter cold and my baby running a fever and not getting any sleep the night before, I just couldn't bear to take them out of the house.

Then my mother called and told me that she took my 15 year old brother, Levi to get his braces off and he wasn't going back to school that day, so he came and hung out with me all day. He played hookey too.

My sister, Jenna called and said that she had taken a personal day at work and wanted to know if she could come hang out with us too. She kindof played hookey also!

Later on, my father-in-law, aka papa, called and said that he was in Nashville headed back home to Georgia and wanted to know if he could stop by and get some kisses from Brodie before he left town. This was such a nice surprise for us and I'm so glad that he stopped by. Even though it was only for a few minutes. So, it's good that Brandon played hookey because papa got to see him too!

Thursday, Brodie had his 15 month well baby visit at the pediatrician. He had to get two shots. Poor thing. He did really well with the first shot b/c the nurse gave him a sucker before she started. She stuck him with the needle and he just looked around, and then went back to his sucker. He didn't even cry! I was like, why haven't they ever given him a sucker before?! People, that is the trick. Just give them a sucker and they won't care about the shot. That's good to know now that he's almost done with his infant vaccinations. That figures!

All is well now in the house of Warren. I babysat Matthew today and he and Brodie played/ faught, all day long. Now Brodie is exhausted and has fallen asleep in his high chair.


  1. he must have been really tired to fall asleep during lunch!

  2. Their Papa told me or better yet, he rubbed it in tellng me that he stopped and got sugar from the boys! He knows how to make me jealous that I am down here and I don't get that sugar on a regular basis! Take it from a former teachrer, it does not hurt for them to play hooky every once in a while. Just don't make a habit of it! Some times they learn more at home than they would in school...especially if it is a bad day! Love reading about you all! Keep the postings coming! Love you all, Aunt Jill

  3. I love your Warren Family Blog...I've been reading every day and I'm finally leaving you a comment...It's fun to read about the Warren Family and see all of your beautiful pictures (even the one with aka Papa)! Give Brandon, Brodie, and Jay a hug for me...I love you all! Aimee you're precious for doing this!
    Aunt Jamie

  4. I am loving the blog. The pictures make me miss ya'll even more. Yes Jill, I'm jealous too. Papa is getting more than his share LOL. I'll see you guys soon. Love and kisses to all.